It's the story of you, me, him and her
This is the story of all these men, women who fought for their dreams.
This is the story of this person who lived in the shadows, who hid, moved away and lived behind the scenes.
It's my story, it's your story, it's our story
It is our story, we who have been separated, hidden for what we were.
We in whom society has looked with disgust
We who have spent years looking at others through the bedroom window and saying to ourselves that we don't deserve this
This is my story…
I lived in the shadows all my childhood
I lived in fear of being different from others
I lived in shame, disgust, and contempt for myself.
I lived to think they were better than me
Thinking they do better than me
Thinking that I'm not up to this life.
Thinking that a normal and perfect life is theirs. But what envied in this life where everyone seeks perfection
What envied in this life where we desire to have even more than what we already have
What envied in this life where appearance speaks more than our hearts.
Nothing, there was nothing to envy except ...

xcept the courage of our parents who have always been there for us
Except the love, the joy, that your brother and sisters bring to you
Except the courage and determination of people who believe in you, insist on you
Except the moments of joy and stress that you feel every time you get on a podium
Except the applause of all these people not for your appearance but for the joy and the courage that you inspire them
Except the words of encouragement you get from people you meet.

Photographer: Holyziner

Model: Soline / Umuderi agency